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Imagine your dream dress….is it floaty chiffon, a full princess ball gown in tulle or a fitted fishtail in vintage lace? We at Angel Brides want to help you choose the perfect dress for your wedding day. We hold a large collection of styles in a range of sizes and colours for you to choose from.

Our designers are award winning and are held in high regard by their peers. Browse through our designs now to find wonderful gowns that will inspire and excite. We look forward to seeing you in them soon…

  • Y21758 Nova
    Y21758 Nova
  • Y21755 Delta
    Y21755 Delta
  • Y21753 Virgo
    Y21753 Virgo
  • Y21746 Corona
    Y21746 Corona
  • Y21742 Aquarius
    Y21742 Aquarius
  • Y21736 Electra
    Y21736 Electra
  • Samantha
  • Nola
  • Krisha
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